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Opening the Door to Forgiveness

FORGIVENESS, dare I open the door?

Let’s be honest. How many of us skippety do dah right into forgiveness? Often so many of what I call “feels” (feelings) complicate the journey towards forgiveness. “Feels” regarding the level of hurt experienced, confusion as it relates to the closeness or trust of the relationship involved, or perhaps a sense of power or control is unconsciously or consciously held when forgiveness is not forth coming. It takes quite a lot of energy, however, to remain in a state of unforgiveness. Our thoughts ruminate on the experience that took place and our emotional response to those thoughts circulates over and over keeping us steeped in that moment, literally in a state of suffering. Or, maybe we move on and we are a few years past “the event” and something shows up to remind us of “that” experience. It might not be that anyone per se related to the original “event” is involved yet an unrelated experience can have the same flavor, evoking a similar response. And now the original wounding is resurrected and the energetic ties to it are felt once again even though we don’t recognize it as being related to the original wound. So many layers! Most of these “feels” fly under the radar, not all in our awareness, and yet have a whole web of connectivity in the subconscious mind that keeps the original wounding alive.

What if… imagine with me...

What if you open the door to forgiveness? What if you allow yourself to look at your relationship with forgiveness and examine what truly is forgiveness? What if you could experience a shift in perspective which would lead to a more peace filled inner landscape? What if you could release the energetic ties to past events? It has been my experience that the exploration of forgiveness leads to a release of heaviness I didn’t even know I was carrying until I unburdened myself from it. I also gained a greater understanding of my life’s journey and why life ultimately offered me these experiences. Lastly, forgiveness of me, of myself, is what truly loosened the grip of self-judgment. Forgiveness of others and of self, this is the golden elixir.

What if you opened the door to forgiveness? I honestly believe it is one of the most loving things you can gift yourself and gift humanity for it is through forgiveness that we can move into compassion and a greater understanding of the self and each other.

Are you ready to open the door? I will be hosting an in-person workshop on forgiveness October 21st "Glow from the Inside Out...A Remembrance" at Inner Haven Art Gallery and Spiritual Development Center, Grayslake, IL. Space is still available! See details in the coming events below.

I also offer individual healing sessions, either through exploring your emotional landscape in a conversational style approach or through Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. Regardless of which type of healing session you choose you will receive a channeled poem just for you which supports the essence of our time together.

Choose Love. Be Love!


Coming events:

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