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A Client's Journey Seen Through the Lens of the Poems

Updated: Jun 22, 2020


Sweetness in love

Loving Self

Bricks of gold


Connect into your heart

That’s where to start

Love’s strength opens you up

Accept yourself wholly and completely

Receive the riches love has to offer

Open to the abundance of love



Sweet soul

Be gentle

Find your freedom within

The skeletons of the past rest at last

The soil is fertile

The seeds are ripe

Allow truth to grow

Love abounds in the sprouts

Today is fresh

The beginning is now



Burst of light

Yeah! That’s right

I see

I see truth

In my power I stand

This day is at hand

Bold am I

Igniting truth

I truly see

The depth of me



Breaking free

Just as the sun breaks through the clouds

Breaking free

The chains are released

Breaking free

Love pours out of me

Standing tall

I embrace my all

Seeing me

The wholeness of me


Is where I AM.



Smitten kitten

With whom you say?

Dandelions, daffodils

Why it’s you sweet girl

Stretching, massaging

Expand that view of you

Rise up

Rise up again and feel the wealth within

See it, feel it, own it

Let the journey begin.



Fly free!

Be tethered no more!

Pull up your light

Into your cells

Magnify, boost

Nurture your essence

Seedlings are there

Water them with care

Know it, feel it, be it

You luminous soul

Ignite your light

Glory be to God!



My little dove,

Peace be with you

Angels fly,

Trumpets herald

Love’s mist

Is in the air

Gentle breezes

The pain eases

No longer attached

Giddy within

White light envelops me

I now have the strength to begin again



Floating in the air

My feet, not touching ground


Not creation

Springing free

Shed my coat

Purple petticoat

Listen, I do

I stand in my truth

Wavering no more

I have strength

Like never before

Singing my song

I am free



Sweet tender soul

I hear the weariness of your heart

Speak to me

And softly see

The strength you need

Comes from deep within

Open your heart

To the truth of your Self

Love carries you

Allow it to be so



Swinging in the garden

Yearning to be free

One step, two step

I take them faithfully

My inner glow

It wants to show

Creator hold my hand

Let’s go!

In the calm and the peace

In this field called LOVE

I rest

And know


That I AM



Come hither, come near!

The angels sing to thee

Create anew

The new version of you

Bees buzzing

Purple flowing

The path

It’s here for you

Listen in to begin,

Journey within

Soft and still

You feel.



My dearest sunshine!

So bright you are!

Ease and grace

Slow and trace

The heart is pink

What do you think?

Your skin, so elastic

Your eyes, they are wise

Wholeness becomes you

Sound the bugles

Holding your place

Is Divine grace



I am free.

I am free!

Sun glistening in the sky

My love soars so high

Reclaiming me

Like stepping out of a skin suit

The calm

The peace

My colors so deep and rich

They swirl like a painting

Infusing my soul

Helping me to grow




The scent wafts through the air

Corn silk

So soft, barely there


Standing tall

So strong

Feel it now

Letting go

Creates the flow

Released now

No holding back

Yes world

I’m ready to be seen



My dear sweet One,

Re-member, you are free

The past

It’s gone at last

Expand into Thee

This design is what’s to be

Embrace the wonder

That is you

Your heart, it’s free

Soar, my sweet One, soar!

Excitement in the air

Yes, you may dare

Feel fully,

Love wholly

Holy Love

Rest in me



Into the deep

Can feel steep

Remember you’re a flower

With great power

Hand on your heart

It’s where to start

What’s mine is mine

What’s yours is yours

Oh look! My LIGHT!

I stand in it with might!

Tis from here

This platform of love

That I sink into

And fly with freedom


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