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The Release


Oh, glorious release!  This is the releasing of those unexpressed emotions which bind us in turmoil.

This is the pinnacle of the session.  It is a time of allowing. Allowing this trapped emotional energy to be seen and ultimately to dissipate, dissolve, and express in a way it was never allowed to be expressed at the time it got stuck within you. How the emotions got stuck does not matter.  What matters is the release.  We may be clever for a while at suppressing this energy but eventually, it wants to come to the surface. 

Do you notice that you are quick to react in anger or fear? Feeling anxious, depressed, or chronic physical pain? Most of our reactions of upset to daily life are residual effects of these suppressed emotions.  This part of the session is the release of the emotions which do not support you nor sustain you, and get in the way of your remembrance of the truth of your Being.  Once the release occurs, you land in a space of suspension, of grace, of bliss, of LOVE.  And you remember.  You remember that you ARE this love in which you find yourself. Pave the way to more harmonious relationships, greater inner peace, and greater success in the workplace. The more you release the layers of protection around your heart the more you are able to recognize and shine your own unique Light.

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