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Remembering Your Inner Glow

Updated: May 27, 2023

Remembering who I am independent of what the world would have me believe, independent of what my ego would have me believe, I seek to find the real Me. Who am I beyond these veils of illusion that keep me fatigued, that keep me in self-doubt, that keep me in quiet or not so quiet despair, like a withered bloom without sunlight, without life? Extending my perception beyond the confines of my mind I can see the glow of which I truly am, this Light that shines without effort, this Love that glows as the True I Am.

In this space of Grace I allow myself to Be. I allow myself to perceive with the lens of Love, forgiving those who have forgotten that they, too, are a glow of this luminous Love and Light. I let my defenses fall and rest in relief that I no longer need fill the insatiable pit of fear and unworthiness. I stand in the eternal glow of I AM.

I read these words and ride on their waves saying, “Yes!” ….. And then oof. I turn my back to the waves of Love’s flow, I get clipped off guard by an incoming wave of negativity whether mine or another’s and I get pushed off balance and brought to my knees. Gah! Will I stay here or will I remember?

Endeavoring again to remember my glow and to be in Love’s flow, I begin once more with the choice to see beyond it all, to see beyond the web that fear creates. I begin by choosing to truly see myself and to truly see others and I begin to get there through the gift of forgiveness.

My heart is so happy to be holding a 2-part workshop at Inner Haven Art Gallery - Spiritual & Creative Development Center in Grayslake, IL June 3rd and July 8th. On June 3rd we will explore all facets of forgiveness and on July 8th we will explore the vulnerability of Being Seen, exploring it all with the intention of remembering and embracing the incredible glow coming from within the Self.

Consider beginning this journey by Dissolving into the Light of Love with Ginger Adams and me at our monthly Energy Infusion Healing Circle on Thursday, June 1st, also at Inner Haven. Being held in the buoyancy of Love in these circles is like no other. Words cannot accurately describe it as each person’s experience is so varied and unique unto them. Time and again, people are challenged to put their experience into words, yet their body language says it all. Calm, centered, and buoyant.

You will find details in the coming events listed below.

Til then, rest in the words I channeled for our May Energy Infusion Healing Circle at Inner Haven………



That I AM

I shine with the brilliance of I AM

I embrace the power of I AM

I know who I AM

Beyond the shadow of doubt



And with this knowing

I go

I go forth into the world

Taking my shine

Wherever I go

I leave a trail of Light

That it may ignite

Another to great height

And so it goes

A catching glow

Inviting all

Into Love’s flow


That I AM

- Lisa Seyring


COMING EVENTS ...................

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