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Hello and welcome to Healing FreeQuencies!  My heart welcomes you and the field of LOVE welcomes you.  Whatever it is that brings you here, I welcome you. 

Life is a journey.  Sometimes joyful, sometimes messy and it perpetually calls us to evolve.  We stretch and grow and we resist and stall, until we are ready to stretch and grow once again.  We are tugged by our soul’s desire to expand into the fullness of our unique creation at every bend and curve on the path of life.

My life’s journey has taught me the importance of moving out of my mind and into my heart to seek the wisdom of LOVE and to view life through the lens of my soul.  

Healing FreeQuencies was created from a desire to help people transcend that which keeps them feeling trapped.  We get trapped in a story we tell ourselves over and over, trapped in emotional turmoil, trapped in a cycle of not expressing emotions, trapped by a belief system we do not even realize exists.  All of these scenarios hold us in such a way where we feel constricted and it’s hard to catch a  breath; only we don’t know that it’s hard to catch a breath because that is what feels normal to us.  We don’t realize we have been breathing shallowly until we clear the congestion allowing the airways to open again and the air to flow with greater ease.

Once I understood how to shift my perception I began to see that life doesn’t happen to me, but for me. I was able to become a happier version of me and embrace my unique thread of service that is to be woven into the tapestry of life.  What once bothered me about myself I began to see as an asset and the reason I came into the world wired in this way.  “Being quiet” allowed me to become a fantastic listener and “being sensitive” gave me insight to another’s emotional state of being.

Looking back now, I can see how my life has been my training in as much as the various modalities in which I have been certified, including Reference Point Therapy, Theta Healing, and Sa Sekhem Sahu Egyptian Reiki.  Where I find my heart now is with Spontaneous Transformation Technique (ala Lisa), which serves as the foundation of my current session style for aiding individuals on their journey of emotional well-being.  My essence adores Reconnective Healing and The Personal Reconnection which IS that space of Grace and Love.  Feeling this frequency is like no other experience, transporting you into the field of Love and Bliss and helping you to transform in ways you cannot even imagine.  

My interest and study of how the mind, body and spirit all interface and relate led me to become a Program Coach for the 25-week conscious awakening program called “Know Your True Self,” offered by Solful Gifts, Inc.  It is truly an excavation of the inner self, revealing and addressing the untruths and mis-created belief systems which hold us in a limiting perspective and constricted state.  It is my joy and honor to aid individuals to reconnect with the wisdom of their heart, to experience resting in this space of grace and to create & live from a foundation of LOVE.

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