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The Road to Highland

I have been hearing from Spirit a gentle but firm, “It’s time. It’s time to start sharing. It is time to start sharing your thoughts, impressions, nudges, observations, perceptions and intuitive poems. It is time to allow the Love of All That Is to flow in and through you to your fellow human sojourners.”

For some time now I’ve known that when this moment came I would be writing about my love affair with the word “Highland” and what the essence of this word means to me. I see it everywhere. Driving down the road, I get an impulse to look left and I find Highland Road. On a road trip recently I got an impulse to look up and a sign revealed Highland Ranch Restaurant 20 miles down the road. My daughter used to live on Highland Avenue and I have 3 friends living on Highland Roads. I went for a hike with a friend. She said, “I have a new place to walk a trail.” On our arrival I see that we are at Highland Woods trail. I see so many cars on the road yet why does my attention often lock in on the Highlander? Or on the Highland Baking truck? As I began to contemplate my interaction with this word it dawned on me that my very first client’s last name was Highland.

When something gets my attention I know to pay attention. The tendrils of my inner awareness start branching out, looking for deeper meaning and messages. Why the unusually high occurrence of this word “Highland”? What is the message for me? Why am I seeing this word so many times? It’s as if I feel the vibration of the word and I get an impulse to notice. Look left, look right, glance up, read this letter which contains a suburb called Highlands Ranch. Invariably, traveling to another suburb or town has me finding “Highland Road/Avenue/Drive”.

Pay attention, Lisa. I start playing with the word. Highland, High Land, Land that is High. My metaphysical training tells me that “land” in a dream represents the subconscious mind. And so the imagery begins. I see land that is elevated, rising up. I’m thinking of the cliffs rising up along the Mississippi River near Dubuque, Iowa. My mind then travels to living in Switzerland where I would go up to a high place on the mountain near our town to seek the light of the sun by rising above the clouds hanging over the lake. Up there, the sky was clear and the sun warmed my face. I could not see the land below, only a blanket of soft looking, fluffy clouds that had seemed so dreary from the land below. Standing there on the land high in the mountain, my vision of the sun was no longer clouded and I received the fullness of the light from it.

In my mind I hear, “Rise up! Raise those thoughts of yours!” YOU are in command of the thoughts you choose to think. Create thought forms which carry a higher vibration. Move those thoughts to the Highland where love and compassion reside, where hope and delight fill the air. Can you feel it, Lis? When you create a thought form of positivity, can you feel the energy of it shift the vibration in your body? Pay attention to your sentences, Lis, reframe them if they reek of woe is me and self-doubt. Pay attention to your word choice, Lis. Choose a different word if yours is laden with negativity. Don’t make life hard, Lis. Make it easy! At every turn, rise up. Rise up with your thoughts, reach for the Highland, the land of higher consciousness, the land where love resides and flows. Be mindful of your words, thoughts and deeds, Lis. Choose words of a lighter vibration and change the trajectory of your experience of life. For as your thoughts spiral up, your internal vibration does too, Lis. Remember, when your essence is light and positive, it is contagious! You are less likely to react to someone or something. And if you do react, what are you going to do, Lis? Rise up! Move your thoughts up to the Highland.

A few days ago I was searching for an electric supply store. My GPS took me off the main road and through a neighborhood. I just smiled when I saw that Highland Drive was the access road to the electric supply store. Ohhh…. let me rephrase that sentence. “I just smiled when I saw that higher thought forms and vibrations were the access road to the power (electric supply store).” The deeper insight being: If I raise my thoughts and perception there is less static and I am able to access the power of my inner Light, the power of Love. From this platform then, I enter the dance of life and have a very different experience.

This poem I give to you to support your own movement to the Highland, to the land of higher consciousness, of Divine Love.

Swinging from a tree

I can clearly see

How caught up am I

In my thoughts

Yearning to be free

I pause and BE

Searching inward, I feel

Is it comfortable for me?

My body tells me

Which way I flow

Am I up in the Highlands

Or down below?

Redirect when need be

For when in high flow, am I free

-Lisa Seyring

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