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The Message


The Message: so unique. Unique unto each client, unique unto each session. The vibration of each message is whole in itself, yet uniquely part of a greater vibratory whole.

Before each healing session, I ask. Each and every session, I ask. I ask for a healing message from Spirit that will support my client in this moment in time.  I wait.  And then it comes.  It comes in the form of a poem.  I listen, and I hear.  I hear one sentence at a time.  It comes out poetically, The Message.  Two-line verses, a message from your Spirit to you, from your Sacred Heart to you.  I don’t question what comes, I just record it.  I am the scribe.  It doesn’t have to make sense to me at the time.  This is part of the glorious fun!  Once the session is complete, the healing poem is revealed. A personal message for the client, as if in a secret language, to guide, support, and acknowledge the client’s journey in life, yet Universal in its Truth. My clients come to anticipate this moment.  Together, in our child-like wonder of what IS the message to be received from the session, I read the poem.  To our delight, and often astonishment, the poem dovetails perfectly with what just transpired in the session.  It all makes sense from the perspective of the soul. 


Clients tell me they keep their poems in “their special place.”  Some laminate them, often they read them daily, sometimes they “reappear” at just the right time.

A Client's Sequential Poem

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