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The Lens


For each and every session, I ask Spirit what it is that I need to know to be of the best service for my client.

I ask.  And I receive.  I receive the images and impressions of what the emotional state of my client looks like and feels like, and I record it.  I then ask for impressions of what would support my client on their journey of life right here, right now. I’ve learned never to question it.  I then research the symbolism and record what I find, not knowing exactly how it will support the session, just trusting and knowing that it will.  The lens of the soul is wondrous.  I see so much more when employing this perspective.  There’s a depth to the communication coming from our soul, through our heart, that is ever-present if we just become still and ask.  It is pure delight to go inward and listen.  The clarity which comes from looking at life through the lens of the soul never ceases to amaze me.  I often feel like a whole new world opens up as if the world goes from black and white to technicolor!

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